About us

PR Strategies is much more than just a PR agency. We are one team, one group of friends with very different backgrounds. We are united by the passion for communication and by our desire to help organizations, big or small, find their own story and thereby create impact.

Why work with PR Strategies team?

THOROUGHNESS – we don’t limit ourselves with mere automatic completions of tasks the client gives us. We study the client to understand what it needs to accomplish and which activities allow it to reach its goal in the best way.

CREATIVITY – the goal of our client’s activities might be the same from year to year, but that does not mean, that communication activities should stay the same. We always try to be innovative and fresh in our activities, so that we would never get bored and our clients would not get bored with us.

HONESTY – we are honest and straightforward with our clients and partners and expect the same honesty and and open attitude from them.

INTERNATIONALITY – our daily cooperation with Latvian and Lithuanian partner agencies enables us to organize PR activities across the Baltic states and, if necessary, we can get your message across in any country in the world.