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PR Strategies developed information guidelines for enterprises with a major hazard and dangerous enterprises

The PR Strategies team had the honor of implementing a project commissioned by the Estonian Rescue Board, during which new public information guidelines were created for enterprises with a major hazard and dangerous enterprises, taking into account the possibilities of the national siren network.


From guest lists to gift bags: creating impactful influencer events

Influencers participating in glamorous fashion shows, exploring vases in a design store, savoring a customized menu at a restaurant, discovering novel drinks during a forest picnic, and engaging in culinary activities in a food studio… as a marketer, you may have pondered the value of arranging events for influencers and how your brand can distinguish itself amidst this vibrant landscape.


An event that took its participants to the moon

In September, we had the privilege of hosting 85 members of the Young President Organization (YPO) during their visit to Estonia. Together with our local members, we meticulously organized a three-day program in Tallinn.


Makita's new warehouse and office building grand opening event

PR Strategies team was honoured to be Makita OY Estonia's partner on the journey from laying the cornerstone of their new warehouse and office building to celebrating the opening of the building.

Friday on Bicycles initiative encouraged pupils to cycle to school

Hawaii Express, a sports equipment retailer, reached out to the PR Strategies team in the spring of 2023. Their objective was to assist the NGO Rattaga Kooli in promoting bicycles as a convenient mode of transportation for school commutes.

Fazer Must Forest Adventure

PR Strategies organised a forest event to celebrate Fazer joining forces with  the Estonian green technology company Single.Earth to support the preservation of Estonia's forests and biodiversity.