About us

Consultants about us

“I have never encountered such a passion and dedication to work as there is in our team. It is unique and I believe that it is also noticed and valued by our clients.”

- Helena Peterson

“Our open work environment is professional and practical. We are always ready to support each other with advice and skills and we also celebrate our accomplishments together.”

- Kerstin Sonts

“Professional team with a good sense of humor.”

- Liina Zereen

"Our team is comprised of people who are truly bold, passionate, who love a good challenge and are driven by creativity. There is so much to learn each day from their  experience."

- Triin Tähnas

"The free, creative and imaginative atmosphere allows to come up with surprising ideas that guarantee a result."

- Merike Lees


"I  really appreciate how  cohesive and caring our team is. No matter how much work there is to be done, people are still always prepared to help each other out in anything." 

- Kertu Subka