Triin Tähnas

Partner, Head of Marketing Communication, Senior Consultant

The goal of Triin's daily work is to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship between brands and consumers. What speaks to the consumer? What emotion does the company want to offer its customers? How can the product earn the trust of its target groups? These are important questions that Triin and her team consider when creating engaging social media content for agency clients, preparing and executing unique and memorable events, planning impactful collaborations with influencers, compiling compelling creative texts, and doing much more to help our clients meet their sales goals.

Triin joined the PR Strategies team in 2016, and in 2023 she made partner.  Before diving into the world of public relations, Triin worked in the media field for more than ten years as a journalist and editor. She has edited the youth supplement of Eesti Ekspress Versus, was a journalist at Ajakirjade Kirjastus and produced and edited programs on Radio 2.

Triin has also worked as a creative director at an event marketing agency Loovisioon and as an event marketing assistant in Australia.

Triin has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Imagology from University of Tallinn.