Fazer Must Forest Adventure

Although Estonians have been a true forest nation for centuries, the rapid clear-cutting is causing a decline in the biological diversity of our forests, and many animal and bird species are losing their habitats. That's why our beloved Fazer MUST bread joined forces with the Estonian green technology company Single.Earth to support the preservation of Estonia's forests and biodiversity. 

The formula is simple: you eat MUST bread and Fazer donates 1 cent to Estonian forest owners for every loaf sold. 

The first phase of the campaign ended in April and to celebrate this, the black bread and the forests, we took a group of bread and nature enthusiasts on a special outing! 

Fazer's forest hike, guided by Stiina from Näkid Metsa team, took the participants through Kakerdaja bog, momentarily taking them out of their element and allowing them to breathe in harmony with the Estonian forest for a few hours. 

The hike was adventurous, with participants walking off the familiar boardwalks, balancing on grass and moss clumps. It ended at a cozy campfire spot, where participants were treated to flavors inspired by the nature and Fazer MUST by the taste curator Hele-Mai Alamaa. 

The successful event was sponsored by the enthusiastic hikers, great partners, the warming sun, the rain that brought the forest scent to life, the vibrant green wood sorrels sprouting in the forest, the trees dancing in the wind, and, of course, our beloved Fazer. 

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