Makita's new warehouse and office building grand opening event

On September 14, we celebrated a significant milestone with Makita OY Estonian branch. Last year, we organized the cornerstone event for their warehouse and office building in the Tallinn Gate business park. Almost a year and a half later, we had the privilege of hosting the grand opening event for this very same building.

The opening festivities for the impressive 25,000 square meter building commenced in the morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a captivating taiko drumming show, and a delectable meal. To ensure that our guests could fully explore the vast building and acquaint themselves with it, we transformed Makita employees into guides for the day, leading groups on tours throughout the facility.

During these tours, guests had the opportunity to marvel at Makita's very own cherry orchard, a rooftop solar park featuring 2,000 panels, a state-of-the-art training center, spacious offices, a showcase hall, and dedicated maintenance and testing areas. For those interested, various demo areas allowed them to put Makita tools to the test. Additionally, a 970-meter health trail encircling the building, dubbed the "Makita Mile," was available for exploration. Along this trail, saw blade-shaped information boards offered motivational quotes and insights about the newly constructed building and its surroundings, enhancing the experience.

In the evening, the celebration continued with a gala dinner at the Radisson Collection hotel. Renowned chef Rene Uusmees crafted a delightful three-course menu inspired by Japanese cuisine. The event was masterfully hosted by the dynamic and spirited Kethi Uibomägi, with entertainment provided by the ever-glamorous Utopia Entertainment. The Swingers took the stage, enticing guests onto the dance floor.

Makita tools played a role in the evening's festivities as well, serving as accessories for photo opportunities in front of the backdrop, and a Makita hot box at the bar maintained sake at the perfect temperature, complementing the Japanese cocktails and whiskey.

After months of meticulous planning, two remarkable events in a single day, hosting 280 guests, and enduring 19-hour workdays, our sense of accomplishment remains as strong as ever.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Makita's dedicated team and to all of our partners for making this extraordinary occasion possible!