Event Organization

No matter if it’s an informative press conference, a fun product presentation or official  grand jubilee gala – we are gladly willing to give a helping hand to make the event a memorably occasion for the organizers as well as the guests.

While organizing events, we always make sure that the location and scenario of the event would support the goals of the organizer and that the arrival and staying at the event would be as comfortable and pleasant for the participants as possible. We offer exciting out-of-box solutions, but refrain from costly effects that don’t engage with the general character and goal of the event.

We develop the scenario, find the needed cooperation partners to implement the scenario, coordinate the preparations and ,if necessary, also moderate the event. We help our clients compile presentations and speeches and support them in preparing for public speaking.

We would be glad to meet with you, if you:
- would like to discuss whether an upcoming occasion or celebration is worthy of organizing an event
- need help with creating the scenario and composing the budget of your event
- would like to find exciting speakers or performers to the official or entertainment part of your event
- need help with sending invitations and contacting the guests prior to the event
- want to invite the media to your event
- need a good partner who would take care of everything regarding the organization of the event