Communication Strategy

No company should take the floor simply in order to be visible – before doing so they should ask themselves what they wish to accomplish with the visibility. Is their goal selling products or finding partners for their projects? Do they hope to change people’s behavior and attitude and who are the target groups that their success depends on?

W well-compiled communication strategy is a practical tool for the members of any organization that helps to keep the activities and messages in focus and make sure they are goal-oriented. We aim to help clients plan their communication strategically and analyze it so that the strategic goals and messages of the organization would be easily defined. 

Ideally, before compiling the communications strategy, a thorough audit is carried out to define the face of the organization according to different target groups. But many organizations lack the time and money for such a thorough approach. Therefore there are easier methods for creating a strategy – our goal is to make the communication strategy as simple, compact and usable on a daily basis as possible both for the management as well as the staff, so that it will never be forgotten in the “drawer”.

You can turn to us if you:
- would like to get an outsider's opinion about your public image and recommendations for further activities
- would like to organize an audit or some other study for analyzing your public image
- want to understand who your target group is and what  their needs are 
- need to define your strategic messages and activity plan to get the messages across
- need a communication strategy
- need a communication plan that helps support your company’s strategic goals
- need any other strategic communication help