An apartment building received its cornerstone during a dance festival

In September, the apartment buildings that are rising near the Kalev Central Stadium in Tallinn received their cornerstone over a ceremony that included a spectacular construction workers’ dance festival.

The developer or the project wanted to offer the guests an unforgettable experience that would be different from any traditional construction ceremonies. Therefore, PR Strategies engaged the biggest star of the Estonian folk dance – Märt Agu – info creating the concept of the event.

As a result of this cooperation, the event included a program where all the guests had the opportunity to not only watch a dance show but also to take part in it. The cornerstone ceremony began with the performance of Uppsar and Hiired Tuules (Mice in the Wind) dance groups, who were dressed like construction workers and performed the story of how the Estonian epic characters Kalev and Linda met in a contemporary way.

A crane was used to deliver the time capsule which, according to the traditions, included drawings of the building, coal, spring water, branches of the rowan tree, newspapers and coins. The building project was blessed by St. John’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church community’s teacher Jaan Tammsalu.