Awareness of the Flag Badge Increased Remarkably Within a Year

Flag badge is given to products that have been made in Estonia and consider the taste preferences and traditions of Estonian people. PR Strategies team has organized the flag badge PR campaign since 2013.

“Organizing the flag badge campaign is a great challenge for us – on one hand we know how important it is to the food industry and how much is at stake, on the other hand we have to take into account that the topic covering would not get one-sided and boring for the journalists,” says Helena Peterson, Project Manager of the Campaign. “We are glad to see that the result of our work is not only a massive coverage report, but also the increase in the awareness about the flag badge,” she said.

The awareness about the other food badge that Estonian Food Industry Association gives out has also increased in the same period from 42% to 58%. “This kind of increase is truly remarkable. Food Industry Association has also contributed a lot, so that consumers would know to notice and value the badges,” says Sirje Potisepp, Head of Estonian Food Industry Association. “The increase of awareness shows that Estonian food is attractive to the consumer and the products that carry the badges create trust in the consumer.”

According to Potisepp it is critical that Estonia would have a food badge that would be attractive also on the foreign markets. “The flag badge and Estonian Best Food Product campaign are mainly targeted to the local consumers, but in a situation where raising the export capabilities of our food industry is crucial, the state should be able to contribute, so that our food would be known and expected on the foreign markets,” Potisepp stressed. “Food industries have really made an effort to find cooperation partners in the new markets. Raising awareness about Estonian food needs cooperation with the state and food producers have high expectations to Enterprise Estonia regarding that.”

The study “Estonian residents food product preferences and attitude towards them 2014” was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and conducted by TNS EMOR.