How to celebrate a company anniversary during the pandemic?

Our customer YIT celebrated their 30th anniversary in Estonia in 2021 and approached us with a question that troubled many companies during the pandemic years – how to celebrate this festive event in a situation where it is not possible or appropriate to organize a party?

We wanted to develop a solution that would provide us with a glimpse into history, highlight the greatest achievements and recognize the people who have contributed to the birth of YIT Estonia. In addition, our goal was to ensure that the celebration of the anniversary was not simply mentioned in various channels, but that it remained relevant and visible for several months.

This is how we came to the creative concept of building a YIT30 Wall of Fame on YIT’s website with 30 exciting success stories from the most memorable projects throughout the years.  

The Wall of Fame consists of stories about the construction of thousands of homes, cozy and functional commercial buildings, as well as modern urban space, which YIT’s project and construction team considers special due to their complex architectural solutions, innovative working methods and unexpected work-related surprises. The title of each story contains a hint about the “wow-factor” of each project.

For example, among the thirty success stories prepared for the jubilee are the construction of Rakvere Vallimägi, which was listed as the biggest change in the urban environment, the renovation of Tallinn Airport’s runway and its other territories as the most spy-like construction work and Tartu Open Prison as the most life-changing building. The work of expanding the perimeter of the Ämari Air Base was awarded with the title of "Best-On-Time Project" – because it was completed within the time-schedule despite the discovery of residual pollution and extensive archaeological finds.

YIT’s experience also includes the highest construction work carried out in cooperation with alpinists in the renovation of the Tallinn TV Tower, as well as supporting the berths of the Bekker Harbour in the deep sea with the help of divers, which was named the project most difficult to measure by eye. The most festive project, however, was the construction of new central squares in Estonian cities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The company’s team is especially proud of the development and construction of nearly 4000 homes, which is why we also wrote success stories about how YIT has created homes in private garden-city environments, where it was nearly impossible to fit in with construction machines, and large residential areas, such as the Mäepealse quarter on the border of Nõmme and Mustamäe, which was developed for over 15 years. As one of the most special rebirths, we highlighted the Vibu quarter by the Tallinn Bay coast, which was turned from a dangerously dilapidated and unattractive industrial military area into a full-fledged living environment in Kalaranna, where real estate prices set new records due to the abundance of buyers.

The creative concept allowed YIT to share stories of their achievements over three decades in the course of seven months. In addition to the company’s website, the stories also appeared on their social media channels, and the news about the creation of the Wall of Fame was also reflected in the national media, which gained a large number of readers and resulted in it becoming one of YIT’s most popular sections.