Probably the Best PR-event of 2022

Our northern neighbors have a wonderful village called Koskenkorva, where vodka bearing the same name is produced. Each year, memorable events take place in the Koskenkorva Village offering participants the opportunity to go to forest hikes, berry picking take part of workshops, and end enjoy good food and drink. This event has become one which many hope to get an invitation to.

This summer, the PR Strategies team was given the opportunity to organize the legendary Koskenkorva Harvest Party in Estonia as well!

On a cloudy day in August, we took drink culture lovers to enjoy the most beautiful places in Raplamaa, without them knowing exactly where this trip would take them.

To start the day, the plant magician Maret Allikas took all the guests on a harvesting tour in the embrace of the sweet smell of wild raspberries, springy moss and heather buzzing with bees. At the end of the tour, the scavengers, charged with forest energy, reached the forest bar, where first-class and refreshing zero-waste cocktails were prepared under the skillful hand of Koskenkorva Brand Ambassador Mikael Karttunen. In addition, Hele-Mai Alamaa had set the table inspired by the flavors of the forest. In the background of all this, the untitled king of the hang drum, Johannes Ahun, created mystical sounds.

Before setting off on the next trip, all guests could make their own draft or flavored vodka from flowers, plants and berries picked earlier.

Batteries charged in the forest, it was time to drive the guests to Ants Uustalu Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm. The legendary Mölky of the Finns, a cocktail master class (imagine: strawberry cocktail shakers flying on white dresses and blouses, experimental cocktails and also a world-class drinks that Mikael would have immediately sent to the menu of some cocktail bar), as well as a culinary tour honoring local ingredients led the day into the evening in a pleasant mood. At sunset, a crackling fire was lit in the meadow, and the guests were given an intimate concert by Vaiko Eplik, Estonia's most famous musician from Raplamaa. A man, a guitar, a soothing voice, a crackling fire, the deafening chirping of crickets and the sun setting behind of Raplamaa’s fields and forests.

At midnight, a bus full of happy people rolled back towards the capital, the last rays of the blood-red sun sending the day into the night.

A cosmic number of hours of work, building seats from hay, a stage and a forest bar, several days of searching for the perfect location for a bar in Raplamaa forest, hours of building a forest bar and logistical acrobatics with pleasure - we wouldn't trade it for anything! We are still taking strolls down memory lane to reexperience this great success and positive feeling. And the biggest reward - the participants named it the best PR event of the year!

Fingers crossed – we might have an opportunity to repeat this adventure in 2023!